We are Ofsted registered (URN: 400327) and rated as a ‘good’ school. A’ Good’ provision is rated as effective in delivering provision that meets the needs of all children well. This ensures children are ready for the next stage of their learning.
Our most recent inspection was early in 2018 in which the report found:
The quality of the teaching is good. Staff listen to children and provide them with challenging and stimulating activities to build on their interests and individual learning. As a result, children make good progress relative to their starting points.
Staff are skilled at supporting children with special educational needs and/or disabilities, helping them to make good progress relative to their individual needs.
Staff have a thorough understanding of their safeguarding responsibilities and a high level of health and safety is maintained. Consequently, children feel safe and secure and are protected effectively.
Staff develop good, strong partnerships with parents and external agencies. They communicate well to identify children's needs and share children's achievements effectively.
Children make good progress in their learning
Relationships with parents are strong and valued. Staff talk to the parents on a daily basis, sharing information about their children's care routines and significant learning experiences. Parent involvement is further enhanced by the wide range of information available to them. As a result, parents feel that their contributions are valued and that they are active and equal partners in the care and education of their children. Staff support children's school readiness by encouraging the development of self-help skills and by getting the children to talk about their activities and by sharing stories.