An OFSTED rated ‘Good’ provider of Early Years provision.
Appleton Wiske Pre- School is a well established setting running in the village for over 38 years. We are registered on the Early Years Register and the compulsory and voluntary parts of the Childcare Register. Our pre-school is proud founding member of the Appleton Wiske Children’s Alliance. We are a registered charity and run cooperatively by a volunteer business committee.

From 24
th April 2017 Appleton Wiske Pre-School is extending its opening hours to provide term time Early Years provision to children aged 2 years to 4 years. The opening hours will be as follows:

9:00am to 3:30pm (Monday)
8:30am to 3:30pm (Tuesday to Friday)
Please Note Carers will be asked to provide a packed lunch for children enrolled for lunch club or full days.)
Appleton Wiske Village Hall, Front Street,
Appleton Wiske, North Yorkshire, DL6 2AA.

Appleton Wiske Pre-School prides itself on providing a homely and child friendly learning environment, that is not only a nurturing place for children to spend time, but that also enables them to become capable and confident learners.
Our well-resourced setting at the heart of Appleton Wiske offers a wide range of learning activities, as well as indoor and outdoor play areas, and is staffed by a professional team who were recognised by OFSTED as having a deep understanding of how children learn.
Please contact our Manager
Liz Huckle to discuss how we can support your child during the early stages of their education, and to arrange a visit.
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